Kannywood, Nollywood Can Restore Nigeria’s Integrity – Ali Nuhu

Popular Nigerian actor, Ali Nuhu, has emphasized the importance of prioritizing quality in Nigerian filmmaking as a means to restore the nation’s integrity.

Speaking during an interview earlier, the director of the Nigerian Film Corporation, pointed out that presently, only 30-35% of Nigerian films meet the desired standard of quality, whereas the objective should be to achieve at least 70-75%.

Nuhu, who was attending to questions during an interview with BBC, emphasized tackling this matter by enhancing educational opportunities and equipping filmmakers with high-quality tools and equipment.

“There is one problem we have in Nigeria’s film industry; if you look at the films we produce, you would see that only 30 to 35% meet the desired quality while we are supposed to have at least 70 to 75% with desired quality,” Ali Nuhu noted.

“So I will focus on this by making sure we are more educated and the provisions of quality equipment.

“We have the ambition of transforming Nigeria’s film industry into one of the best in the world because we don’t need quantity; what we need most is quality over quantity,” the Kannywood actor said.

Nuhu acknowledged the negative image of Nigeria portrayed by some individuals, expressing his belief that films can play a crucial role in restoring the country’s reputation.

“If we look at our country, we see that some bad eggs among us have already given the country a bad name, so through these films, we will restore our integrity,” he added.

Additionally, Nuhu conveyed a message of solidarity to both Kannywood and Nollywood, the primary film sectors in Nigeria.

“I am a member of both, what I need most is support from all sides to achieve all our desired goals,” he said.

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