Kano State Guber Tribunal Describes NNPP as “Violent and Terrorist Cults”, “Bandits”

The Kano State governorship election petition tribunal has described members of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) as “red cap wearers”, “violent and terrorist cults”, “bandits”, and “bitter losers”.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Justice Benson Anya, a member of the three-member panel, made the remarks while reading the unanimous judgment, which upheld the petition of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and declared its candidate, Nasir Yusuf Gawuna, as the winner of the March 28 gubernatorial polls.

The remarks have sparked outrage on social media, with many people condemning Justice Anya’s language as being inflammatory and disrespectful.

In the judgment, Justice Anya said that Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf of the NNPP had presided over a state where anarchy was being supported and agents of the government were allowed to malign the judiciary.

He said that the judges of the tribunal had been harassed, intimidated and made to run under cover, and that Governor Yusuf and his party had threatened to kill the judges and put the residence of Kano State on fire if they lost the case.

Justice Anya condemned the threats, saying that they were unacceptable in a civilised society. He called on the security agencies to ensure that the threats were not swept under the carpet.

“The judges of this Tribunal were harassed, intimidated and made to run under cover. What is the offence of the Judiciary?” Justice Anya queried.

“My message to the bandits in politics who want to take power by force is that the Judiciary cannot be intimidated.

“A party who looses a case or anticipates the loss of his case can only prepare to appeal against the decision of the lower Court or prepare to appeal. This is what is obtainable in a civilised society. Kano State as we all know is a cradle of civilisation. No party on the account of loosing a case or on the basis of speculation of the possible loss of a case threaten to go a rampage against the Court and Honourable Judges.

“I use this opportunity to condemn the gang of Red Cap wearers who like a violent and terrorist cult chased us out of Kano and put us in the fear of our lives. We believe that only Allah is the giver of power. Those who believe in Allah must bow to his will and submit to the authority of Governmental power. Resort to anarchy, violence and killing can never be a source of lawful power. Threatening to put Honourable Judges in the danger of their life as done in Kano by some disguruntled bandits parading as politicians is hereby condemned,” the judge said.

“Instead of some Kano politicians to be allowed to use banditry and violence to abort democracy in Kano State, justice will be used to stop them from destroying democracy in Kano and upward, we do not want anarchy and terrorism as being promoted in Kano State and as threatened by them.”

Meanwhile, the NNPP has rejected the judgment, saying it is a miscarriage of justice. The party has said that it will appeal the judgment.

A snippet of the judgement

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