Kano traffic agency warns tricyclists against using gas as alternative to petrol

Kano State Road and Traffic Agency (KAROTA) has warned against the use of gas as an alternative to petrol in tricycles.

The managing director of KAROTA, Faisal Mahmud-Kabir, said this in a statement by the agency’s spokesperson, Nabilusi Abubakar, on Wednesday in Kano.

According to Mr Mahmud-Kabir, using gas as an alternative to petrol in tricycles is dangerous, as it can explode and result in the loss of lives.

“Gas used for vehicles is different from other gases,” he said. “The agency will arrest tricyclists caught using gas instead of petrol.”

Mr Mahmud-Kabir also warned the agency’s officials to stop using long sticks on roads to stop erring motorists.

“Our officials can work on the road without using long sticks on any erring motorist; rather, they look for other means to mete out punishments.

“Using long sticks on erring motorists on the road is against the agency’s Act of 2012. Anyone caught working against the Act will face the wrath of the law,” he said.


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