Kim Kardashian uses Kylie Jenner’s line for ‘bad makeup’ TikTok

Oh, the shade.

Kim Kardashian used her younger sister Kylie Jenner’s beauty products in a new TikTok where she’s seen applying “bad makeup.”

The “Kardashians” star, 42, embraced the latest viral trend by channeling her inner British “chav,” applying a dramatic beauty look complete with with thick lashes, heavy eyebrows, overly tanned skin and pale lips.

The reality star started the clip with a bare face, tying her hair up in a top knot before over-drawing her arches, smoothing on some overly orange foundation, caking on the concealer and contour and dusting on blush from one of Kylie Cosmetics’ signature pink compacts — all while chomping on chewing gum.

kim kardashian makeup
The reality star startled fans with her heavy-handed beauty tutorial.

Spidery false lashes and a light lip look created with concealer and brown liner finished off the “Love Island”-worthy look, and Kardashian’s followers applauded her for going all in on the trend.

“Kim Kardashian but make it British,” one fan quipped in the comments, which Kardashian later turned off.

“Kylie is going to send a cease and desist for using Kylie cosmetics,” another joked. 

kim kardashian makeup
The Skims founder made sure to show off the Kylie Cosmetics products she was using.

Kim and Kylie have been playfully feuding on social media all week.

On Monday, the shapewear entrepreneur asked the makeup mogul to tag Skims in an Instagram post spotlighting the brand’s Raw Edge Onesie ($78), with Kylie jokingly replying, “I had to steal this from mom’s house and now you want me to promote?!!!! Wow.”

kim kardashian and kylie jenner on the red carpet
The sisters have been playfully throwing punches on social media this week.

Kylie then shared another sultry Instagram post possibly aimed at her big sis on Tuesday, wearing a black bra and writing, “Don’t be f–ing ruuude” — a reference to a request Kim made of sister Khloé during a fight on Season 2 of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

“Better tag @skims 🤣🤣,” a commenter quipped.

Even photo-editing app FaceTune got in on the action during the quarrel, commenting, “Can they tag me please LOL.”

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