Korra Obidi’s ex-husband Justin Dean drags for scamming netizens with GoFundMe

Justin Dean has accused his ex-wife, Korra Obidi, of deceiving people on GoFundMe by claiming she needed $55,000 for legal fees when she actually only needed $5,000.

Korra had initially asked her online community for donations to help cover her legal expenses in her court battle against Justin.

The reason for the lawsuit was that Justin did not want their daughters’ images and videos to be shared on social media, especially in the context of the content Korra typically posts.

However, Justin alleges that Korra scammed her followers and used the money for personal gain, as he claims she purchased two cars and two houses in the past two years.

To support his accusations, Justin shared a voice recording of Korra’s sister, who stated that Korra already had the money but wanted more from her fans to fight against Justin.

Additionally, the sister mentioned that Korra’s fans enjoy being scammed, which was in response to people labeling Korra as a scammer.

Watch the video here

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