Kwara govt deploys police as workers join NLC protest

POLICE officers have been deployed in Ilorin to prevent a breakdown of law and order as workers in Kwara State join the nationwide protest declared by the National Labour Congress (NLC) over removal of fuel subsidies.

Members of the labour union have taken to the streets across the state in protest, seven days after the national leadership of the NLC threatened a nationwide strike over the hike in the cost of living caused by the removal of petrol subsidy.

The umbrella body for civil servants and public sector workers issued a seven-day ultimatum for Federal Government to reverse all anti-poor policies, such as the recent petrol pump price hike.

“Yes, we issued the Federal Government a seven-day deadline to conclude all negotiations with labour or risk industrial action by the Central Working Committee,” said Hakeem Ambali, the NLC’s national treasurer.

In Kwara, the protesting workers were seen on Ahmadu Bello Way, Ilorin, Wednesday, August 2. At the same time, police officers have been deployed to strategic locations in Ilorin to maintain peace during the protest.

The NLC continued with the protest despite the Senate’s appeal to suspend the exercise. The action is also against the order of the Industrial Court of Nigeria, which prohibited the congress from going on strike.

A protest against subsidy removal was once planned in June. However, it was suspended after the leadership of the NLC met with government officials.

Beloved John is an investigative reporter with International Centre for Investigative Reporting.

You can reach her via: [email protected]

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