Lady In Tears As Genotype Test Result Ends Her Relationship

The Nigerian woman recounted the story of how her relationship came to an end because of incompatible genotypes.

She had been with her boyfriend for a long time, but when they planned to move forward in their relationship, they discovered the genotype issue.

The lady tearfully shared her experience in a video posted on Tiktok, showing the emotional moment of getting the genotype test results.

See some reactions below:

Loveth Stephen: “ I felt bad reading this…. Sending you love my dear friend, God will see you through.”

King Jenny: “Wen me n my guy started dating not less den a year we went to check our genotype to avoid story dat touch.”

Oseyemere: “Omo I can relate..genotype did me dirty the only guy that ever loved me genuinely genotype ruined everything..sending you hugs darling.”

De real Kim: “How do you people date for long without knowing each other genotype sorry.”

mummy Brianna: “No no dis is not happening was goody tell me it’s a prank pls.”

Chinwa: “My dear just be strong, I was there I know how it feels, what is in the front will be much better.”

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