Lewis Hamilton’s Racist Comments

Lewis Hamilton’s Racist Comments: Lewis Hamilton thinks that after Nelson Piquet made a racial remark, Formula One needs to adapt. Piquet used a slur to characterize the incident between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen at the British Grand Prix. A number of the most well-known names in Formula One have defended Lewis Hamilton in the wake of Nelson Piquet’s racially inflammatory comment. In a public statement, Formula 1 stated that “Opinion and rivalry are essential to our sport. However, racism or discrimination has no place here.

Lewis Hamilton’s Racist Comments

The Piquet remark was taken from a 2021 interview in which he talked about a collision at the British Grand Prix involving fellow racing superstars Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. In a Portuguese interview with Motorsports Talk, Piquet used the n-word and claimed that Hamilton “made a disgusting maneuver” to hit him. Since the end of 2020, Kelly Verstappen has been dating Piquet’s daughter. On June 28, Hamilton posted his thoughts on the subject and demanded significant reform after reading Piquet’s remarks. It transcends verbal words, the speaker continues. It’s time to eliminate from our sport these antiquated attitudes and convictions.

Since I was a little child, these attitudes and targeting have been a part of my existence. There has been plenty of time for learning. “The hour for action has arrived,” he wrote. The Formula 1 statement, which stated that “Discriminatory or racist rhetoric is unacceptable in any form and has no place in society,” did not name reference Piquet. Lewis Hamilton’s team, Mercedes, also expressed their support for their driver on social media. “We vehemently reject the use of any racist or discriminatory rhetoric. Lewis has established himself as a true champion of diversity both on and off the track by taking the lead in the battle against prejudice in our sport.

Black Lives Matter has made George’s Life

Lewis Hamilton has long been a vocal opponent of racial injustice and police brutality as well as a major supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. In an interview with GQ that was released in 2020, he stated, “The deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor severely shook me.” I’m here to use my voice as a tool for encouraging change in order to achieve my aim. The goal, he explained, is to alter sports in a way that it wouldn’t have otherwise. Black Lives Matter has made George’s life more visible than it otherwise would have been.

Lewis Hamilton Racist Comments
Lewis Hamilton’s Racist Comments

The lone black Formula One driver, Hamilton, told Sky Italia in September that more needed to be done to make the sport more inclusive. “It’s imperative that we continue this discussion. Speaking about diversity was trendy last year, but if you want to be in style this year, you must support your words with deeds. We have to bring it up repeatedly. Piquet’s remarks will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the 2022 British Grand Prix, which is scheduled to take place on July 3. Hamilton’s response to Piquet’s racial comment was as follows: We should concentrate on altering the mentality as a collective.

Lewis Hamilton intervened in response to Nelson Piquet’s racial comment. The Portuguese slang term “neginho,” which means “little n****r,” was used by Piquet to describe Lewis Hamilton during his analysis of their race at Silverstone last season. With F1 and Mercedes publishing statements and Hamilton using social media to address this issue, there has been a wake-up call in the sport. He added, “Let’s concentrate on changing the mentality,” in a tweet that was published in Portuguese. Hamilton has always looked to Piquet for inspiration, but he opted not to mention him by name and spoke instead of how they have always been present in his surroundings.

It’s more than just words, he Clarified

These out-of-date viewpoints must be corrected since they are inappropriate for our sport. I’ve experienced this kind of bullying and discrimination since I was a young child. You’ve had plenty of opportunities to practice. “Now is the moment to act.” Despite a lengthy history of discrimination against black sportsmen in the sport, Hamilton is the only black driver on the Formula 1 grid. He has talked at length about it in the past.

Lewis Hamilton Racist Comments
Lewis Hamilton’s Racist Comments

Hamilton’s second tweet in Portuguese, which didn’t specifically address Piquet, said, “Vamos for em mutanda mentalidade,” which translates to, “We’ll focus on changing the mentality.” Max Verstappen, a Red Bull driver, and the current Formula One champion has a 69-year-old Brazilian father named Kelly Piquet who is dating Piquet. Red Bull’s Formula Two driver Juri Vips was also fired because of a separate incident involving racial slurs.

Red Bull dismisses a candidate because he posted an offensive comment online:

Following a team inquiry into an incident involving an internet gaming stream, VIPs’ contract with Oracle Red Bull Racing as a reserve/test driver was terminated. According to a statement, the team “does not accept” racism. Red Bull Racing failed to respond to inquiries for comments quickly away. Vips were allowed to advance on the FIA’s Formula ladder and, for some drivers, even into Formula One as part of Red Bull’s young driver program. One of the top F2 drivers, Vips, was no longer mentioned on the Red Bull junior program website at the time of the announcement.

Lewis Hamilton, according to Mercedes, is leading the battle against racism in Formula One

Hamilton is familiar with the historically problematic topic of racism in Formula One. The organization, its staff, and its drivers have, nevertheless, consciously supported initiatives to diversify and condemn hate in recent years. The eight-time defending constructors’ champion of the team, the 37-year-old driver “spearheaded our sport’s efforts to confront prejudice and… is a strong champion of diversity on and off track,” according to a Mercedes statement.

Lewis Hamilton covered his face with a “Black Lives Matter”

In a televised interview two years ago, Hamilton criticized Bernie Ecclestone for his “ignorant and misinformed” claims that “in many cases, Black people are more racist” than white people. In support of the Black Lives Matter movement spearheaded by the British racer, many drivers in 2020 took a knee before each race. After George Floyd died, Hamilton posted on Instagram, “The way minorities are treated has to change, how you educate those in your country about equality.”

Those who indoctrinate us with bigotry and hatred are those we look up to: “Racism, racism, classism, and that we are all the same.” For the 2020 and 2021 model years, Mercedes-Benz changed its customary silver paintwork to an all-black pattern as a way to support Hamilton and the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s no secret that Hamilton has been assisting Formula 1 in recent years with efforts to increase interest in the sport. According to F1 Managing Director Ross Brawn, a grassroots strategy would be launched in 2020 to “give the greater possibility to minority and ethnic groups to get interested in racing, not just driving but engineering and other activities.”

The 2022 British Grand Prix, which Hamilton has won eight times in his incredible career, will be held on Sunday. The championship launched its #WeRaceAsOne mission to bring attention to global social concerns and build a more sustainable championship in the wake of the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the restart of racing amid the COVID-19 epidemic. However, the pre-race gestures were discontinued for the seasons of 2020 and 21.

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