Mat Ishbia: Profession, Ex-Wife And Net Worth

Mat Ishbia, The Billionaire Businessman

The New Owner Of The Phoenix Suns

In the world of professional basketball, the spotlight often shines brightly on the players, coaches, and sometimes even the team owners.

One such owner who recently made headlines is Mat Ishbia, the new owner of the Phoenix Suns.

In December 2022, Ishbia acquired a majority share in both the Phoenix Suns and the Phoenix Mercury, marking a significant change in ownership for these teams.

Transfer Of Ownership

This transfer of ownership came after the suspension of the longtime owner, Robert Sarver, by the NBA due to an investigation into his conduct.

Ishbia’s entrance into the world of NBA ownership was a historic one, as the deal was worth a staggering $4 billion, making it the largest sale in league history.

Mat Ishbia
Mat Ishbia(@wikimedia)

Early Life And Family

  • Mat Ishbia hails from Birmingham, Michigan, where he was born and raised.
  • He currently serves as the chairman and CEO of United Wholesale Mortgage, a prominent mortgage lender headquartered in Michigan.
  • Interestingly, the company was founded by Mat’s father, Jeff Ishbia, in 1986.
  • As per Forbes, Mat Ishbia holds a commanding 71 percent stake in this flourishing enterprise.
  • The Ishbia family’s connection to both business and basketball is a significant aspect of Mat’s background, as we will explore further.

A Man of Sports And Education

Mat Ishbia’s journey through life has been anything but ordinary.

He pursued higher education at Michigan State University, where he earned a degree in business administration.

However, his involvement in sports went beyond academics.

His On-Court Contributions

While at Michigan State, Mat was part of the men’s basketball team that clinched victory in the 2000 NCAA Tournament.

Mat Ishbia
Mat Ishbia(@uwm)

Although his on-court contributions may not have been headline-worthy, he played a crucial role in the team’s success, appearing in 48 games over three seasons and maintaining averages of 0.6 points and 0.3 rebounds in just 2.4 minutes of play.

The Company Owned By Mat Ishbia

Mat Ishbia’s primary business interest lies in the mortgage lending industry. He owns a substantial 71% stake in the United Wholesale Mortgage company. Notably, this company reported a remarkable 80% gain margin in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the previous quarter

The Path to Wealth: How Mat Ishbia Made His Fortune

Mat Ishbia’s journey to becoming a billionaire can be traced back to his tenure at United Wholesale Mortgage.

He assumed the role of Chairman and CEO in 2013, following several years of serving in various capacities within the company.

This strategic move paid off when the company went public in 2021 through a merger with a firm managed by billionaire investor Alec Gores.

The Merger

During the merger, Mat sold 6% of the company, raising a staggering $925 million at a valuation of $16 billion

With his 70% stake in the newly merged entity, his wealth surged to nearly $12 billion, officially cementing his status as a billionaire.

Mat Ishbia’s Family Wealth

Mat Ishbia’s wealth doesn’t stop with him; it extends to his family, articularly his brother, Justin Ishbia.

Justin holds a 22% stake in the same company, United Wholesale Mortgage, which has proven to be a lucrative investment, propelling him into the billionaire ranks.

Additionally, Justin is a founding partner of Shore Capital Partners and has made strategic investments in corporate finance.

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Mat Ishbia: His Professional Life

Early Beginnings And Family Legacy

  • Mat Ishbia’s story begins with his family’s legacy in the mortgage industry.
  • His father, Jeff Ishbia, laid the foundation for what would eventually become UWM Holdings in 1986.
  • At that time, it was merely a side gig for Jeff, who was working as an attorney during the day.
  • Little did he know that his venture would grow into a major player in the mortgage lending industry.
Mat Ishbia
Mat Ishbia(@twimg)


UWM’s Ascension To The Top

UWM’s ascent in the mortgage lending industry was nothing short of spectacular.

It achieved the status of America’s largest wholesale lender in 2015, a testament to its rapid growth and Mat Ishbia’s strategic leadership.

This achievement marked a turning point for the company and solidified its position as an industry leader.

Mat Ishbia’s Entry And Rise To CEO

Mat Ishbia’s involvement in the family business began in 2003, shortly after he graduated from Michigan State University.

He started at the company in a relatively junior role but quickly demonstrated his dedication and business acumen.

Mat’s relentless pursuit of excellence led to his appointment as the CEO of UWM Holdings in 2013. Under his leadership, the company continued to thrive and expand its market presence.

Mat Ishbia’s Statement For The New Season

His Commitment

In a surprising twist, Ishbia demonstrated his commitment to his alma mater in 2021 by pledging a remarkable $32 million to Michigan State’s athletic department.

This generous donation stands as the largest single gift ever received by the school from an individual.

The Decision

  • I ended up making the decision, rightly or wrongly, based on a couple of things.
  • One, Izzo saying to me, ‘Hey, maybe you could apply some of these things to business and do something really even bigger than being a head coach one day.’
  • Also, I’ve been very close to my parents my whole life, and I always remember my dad coaching my sports, being involved in my life, and thinking that one day I wanted to be involved in my kids’ lives.”

His Motivations

His motivations for this substantial contribution were multifaceted.

Reflecting on his time at Michigan State, Mat Ishbia shared, “It was such a great experience with Coach [Tom] Izzo for that year.

I had the chance to go [coach] with Coach [Mike] Garland [at Cleveland State], and that would have been an amazing experience.

A Family Tradition

Mat Ishbia’s connection to both basketball and his family’s business ventures creates a unique narrative.

Not only does he now own an NBA team, but his brother, Justin, is also a billionaire and is set to play a significant role as a “significant investor and alternate governor” for the Phoenix Suns.

Mat Ishbia
Mat Ishbia(@cloudfront)

This familial connection adds an intriguing dimension to the story of Mat Ishbia’s ownership of the Suns, as it highlights the importance of family in his life and career.

The Phoenix Suns’ New Dawn

The Phoenix Suns, a prominent NBA franchise, have been garnering attention for their potential championship run in the 2022-23 season.

However, their journey to success faced hurdles with previous ownership.

Robert Sarver, the former owner, had held the reins of the Suns since 2004.

A Suspension By The NBA

  • His tenure was marked by controversy, including a suspension by the NBA for workplace misconduct.
  • Eventually, Sarver decided to part ways with the team, setting the stage for new ownership.
  • Mat Ishbia entered the scene as the new owner, making history by acquiring the Suns for an astounding $4 billion.
  • His commitment to transforming the team’s fortunes is poised to usher in a new era for the Phoenix Suns

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Mat Ishbia: Ex-Wife And Net Worth

A Love That Weathered Storms

Mat and Emily Ishbia’s love story is one that has been woven into the fabric of time.

Emily has been Mat’s steadfast pillar of support throughout his basketball career and entrepreneurial endeavors.

For years, they stood side by side, conquering challenges and celebrating successes together.

Mat Ishbia
Mat Ishbia(@akamaized)

A Rift In The Marriage

Rumors and speculations have been swirling about the couple’s separation, leaving many to wonder what went wrong.

While both Mat and Emily have chosen to keep their personal lives away from the prying eyes of the media, it’s evident that something changed between them.

The Silent Parting

Despite the reports of their marriage coming to an end, neither Mat nor Emily has officially confirmed the separation.

Emily’s social media presence, however, hints at a different story.

Her Instagram activity suggests a romantic involvement with Alex Hodi, a 27-year-old martial artist.

A Public Connection

Alex Hodi’s Instagram posts have featured Emily prominently, showcasing their adventures, including skiing trips and cave explorations.

Emily, on the other hand, posted a heartfelt birthday wish to Alex, referring to him as her “ride or die” and praising his unwavering support.

The Ascension Of Mat Ishbia’s Net Worth In 2023

  • Mat Ishbia’s journey to billionaire status has been nothing short of remarkable.
  • According to Forbes, in 2023, he ranks 486 among billionaires globally, a testament to his rapid ascent in the world of wealth.
  • In the previous year, 2022, he held the 234th position in Forbes’ 400 list of the world’s wealthiest individuals.
  • Bloomberg, on the other hand, estimates his net worth at an impressive $9.47 billion as of 2023, placing him at the 234th spot worldwide.
  • Mat Ishbia has also gained recognition as one of the wealthiest sports sponsors in the United States.

The Acquisition Of The Phoenix Suns

In a significant move, Mat Ishbia and his brother acquired the Phoenix Suns, a prominent NBA team, along with the Mercury of the Women’s National Basketball Association, for a substantial sum of $4 billion.

This acquisition marked a new chapter for the team under Ishbia’s ownership

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