“Mohbad wasn’t publicly supported when Naira Marley assaulted him” – Daniel Regha slams Nigerian celebrities mourning him

Daniel Regha, a controversial Twitter adviser, has dragged Nigerian artists who are now mourning the death of musician Mohbad.

Daniel Regha believes that many musicians remained silent when Naira Marley and his gang assaulted Mohbad some time ago.

According to him, Bella Shmurda was the only person who supported Mohbad. He chastised Nigerian artists for writing “RIP” on Mohbad’s images following his death.

He tweeted,

“Mohbad wasn’t publicly supported when he was assaulted by Naira Marley’s crew, even after being hospitalized the industry elites kept silent; Only Bella Shmurda boldly stood by him. All of a sudden everyone is posting condolence messages & acting like they care.”

“The same so-called celebs are still associating with his assulter Naira Marley. Many Nigerians who are also expressing their sadness are big cl¤wns, thousands of RIP posts on social media platforms, but tomorrow if Naira Marley releases a song they will happily vibe to it. Bunch of fakes.”

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