Mohbad’s Wife Family Reacts to DNA Test Demands for Late Singer’s Son

The death of musician Mohbad has gone viral on social media, stirring debate among Nigerian internet users who are demanding a DNA test be performed on his only son Liam Light.

This came after influential personalities in the country donated millions to the family of the former Marlian signee.

VeryDarkBlackMan, a controversial media personality, has openly expressed doubts about the child’s paternity and has fiercely lobbied for a DNA test to clearly confirm the biological relationship.

The TikToker voiced worries about the probability of close family participation based on the wife’s public declarations about being widowed.

Ogunbayo Karimot, the sister of late Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi, unleashed a scathing rebuke on VeryDarkBlackMan for his unwavering insistence on a DNA test.

In no uncertain terms, she declared that he had absolutely no authority to make such a demand. Karimot emphasized that the family is still deep in mourning and cautioned him to tread cautiously to avoid potential legal consequences.

She also warned that if caution is not exercised, he could face a formidable 300-million-naira lawsuit for character defamation.

She wrote;

“Verydark man, you’ve no right whatsoever to request for DNA. The families are grieving. Please thread carefully so you don’t get sued. I think #300 million will not be bad for defamation of character”

This is coming days after Actress Amarachi Igidimbah has attacked controversial TikToker, VeryDarkBlackMan, who is clamoring for a DNA test to establish the paternity of the late singer Mohbad’s child.

She condemned his actions, labeling him a bully for targeting a young woman who had recently lost her husband.

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