Most Wives Are Just Nannies While Sidechics Enjoy All The Benefits – Blessing CEO

Controversial Blessing Okoro, a Nigerian relationship expert, believes that most women are simply nannies in their houses, babysitting their children with a dismal title while sidechicks get all of the perks.

According to Blessing CEO, one of the most common lies women tell themselves is that a man marries them because he believes they are unique.

As a professional relationship therapist, she saw that many women nowadays are treated like furniture in the home, while their husband’s sidekicks appear voluptuous and sexy.

In her words: “That when a man marries you, there is something he sees in you. A man does not see anything in you, that’s a big lie, a blatant lie. I’m going to tell you as certified relationship therapist, a lot of wives today are just nannies. Yes, all you’re doing is babysitting and carrying children to school. Side chics are enjoying the benefits. You just have two big rings in your hand and you just have a miserable title. Some men marry you, keep you as a furniture and you are useless in the house.”

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