“My husband said I should quit my immigration job because I’m wearing trouser” — Muslim woman cries out

  • A married Muslim woman seeks advice after her husband suggests she quit her level 12 immigration job due to her trousers.
  • She credits her late father for securing a job for her, stating that she has made significant progress in her career.
  • Her husband unexpectedly contacted her and instructed her to resign from her job due to their dress code.

A newly married Muslim woman seeks advice after her husband urged her to quit her level 12 immigration job because she wears trousers.

She claims that her late father secured the job for her, and that she has gone far in the job.

To her surprise, her husband approached her and told her to resign  from her job due to their mode of dressing.

She said that she is very angry with her husband, which is why she turned online for advice.


Reacting to the post…

@O_sanwoabiola asked: “You didn’t discuss all of these before you got married?
You don go marry your opposition o”

@odus_king stated: “He should agree to pay her her salary and every benefit that comes with the job for her to resign”

@_ebelechukwu advised: “Don’t resign. Refuse to resign. This is abuse in the making. He will strip you if all makes you you and want you to depend on him for everything. He was okay with it before you guys got married. Why is he complaining now?”

@Ummieey_k wrote: “No if you really love your husband, if he provides for the family do what is says, this job is temporary while marriage is a life time and don’t forget your husband is your Jannah.”

@UjunwaEzendiok1 asked: “Didn’t he see u wearing trouser before he married u”

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