New Year 2023: The world immersed in the excitement of the new year, see in pictures how the celebrations were celebrated – New Year 2023 Celebration Worldwide: New Year’s Celebrations Around The World See Photos

New Year celebrations have started in India. People across the country started celebrating as soon as the clock struck 12 late in the night. At the same time, other countries of the world are also engrossed in the celebration of the New Year. Pacific island countries Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati are among the countries where the first New Year is welcomed in the world. After this, other countries keep drowning in its intoxication.

New Zealand is the next number after Samoa, Tonga, Kiribati. After these countries in the world, the New Year is welcomed here. On Saturday, the people here welcomed the New Year with great enthusiasm. It was celebrated by bursting crackers.

Celebration starts here from 31 December

New Year celebrations begin in Samoa, Tonga and Kiribati on December 31 at 3.30 pm Indian time. After this New Zealand New Year is celebrated at 3:45 minutes. Celebration takes place in some other parts of New Zealand at 4.30 pm. After this, at 5:30 pm, apart from a small area of ​​Russia, the New Year is welcomed at seven other locations.

Celebration here from 7:30

Celebrations start at 7.30 pm on January 31 in Australia, 8.30 pm in Japan, South Korea, 9.30 pm in China, Philippines and 12 pm in Indonesia, Thailand.

New year celebration in other countries including India

New Year is celebrated in Myanmar from 11 pm, Bangladesh at 11:30 am, Nepal at 11:45 am and India and Sri Lanka at exactly 12 pm. The new year is welcomed in Pakistan at one o’clock in the night. Apart from this, on January 1, New Year is celebrated in America from 11:30 am.

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