Nigerian Man In UK Who Beat Wife To Death Sentenced To Life Imprisonment

A Nigerian man, driven by jealousy, was sentenced to at least 17 years in prison for brutally beating his wife to death with their son’s skateboard.

NewsTimes earlier reported that the 48-year-old man, Olubunmi Abodunde, was said to have fatally beaten his wife to death with their son’s skateboard.

The 48-year-old man has been remanded by a United Kingdom court for the murder of his wife, whom he suspected of having extramarital affairs.

According to Mail Online, Judge Martyn Levett of Ipswich Crown Court sentenced the defendant to life imprisonment with a minimum of 17 years, describing him as ‘ferocious, ruthless, cold-blooded, callous, and savage’.

Abodunde had said very little about what happened and gave ‘no comment’ responses during a police interview.

But the judge said: “The simple fact is that you strangled your wife and then beat her to death and used one of the children’s skateboards to batter her skull.”

Suffolk Police had investigated the suspect for domestic abuse, and he was set to face a murder trial but decided to change his plea to guilty after the jury was sworn in yesterday.

Judge Martyn Levett of Ipswich Crown Court told him that the only possible sentence was life imprisonment.

Before his wife’s death, Abodunde had a track record of jealousy and suspicion, often accusing her of engaging in extramarital affairs.

Police had probed him on numerous occasions for alleged domestic violence incidents.

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