'Not at all': Maxine Waters says she wouldn't 'save' McCarthy if GOP votes to oust Speaker

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) said Sunday that she doesn’t have any plans to “save” House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) if Republicans opt to vote to ousting him over the spending fight.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show,” host Jonathan Capehart asked Waters if there’s a possibility that she and her fellow Democratic colleagues will vote to keep McCarthy in the Speakership.

“I cannot speak up at the leadership. And I think Chairman Jeffries has said let’s see what happens. But I for one, I’m not prepared to save him. Not at all. Not with the cuts that they’re proposing,” Waters said.

“They are devastating this country. They are undermining children and veterans and seniors with the kind of cuts that they’re proposing. And they’re literally almost eliminating education in this country,” she said.

Waters’s remarks come as the GOP side of the House chamber has sparred over government spending. The federal government is set to run out of funds by the end of the month if Congress does not pass spending bills or come up with a short-term plan before the end of the week.

When asked about the pending shutdown, Waters said that the “Republican Party is in complete disarray,” adding that McCarthy has “no control” of his GOP colleagues.

“No, he’s pathetic to the fact that we know that not only is he begging on his knees, the other day he cursed and said, you know, to his people, ‘All right. If you’re not going to support me, put a motion up to get rid of me,’” Waters told Capehart. “’Vacate the chair. What are you going to do?’ He doesn’t know what he’s doing. It is more than pathetic”

“And for those who are following the Republican Party, those who belong to the Republican Party, they should be very concerned about what the Republican Party is doing to this country and to this government.”

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