NUC urged to mandate professionals’ engagement in universities curriculum development

The registrar of the Chartered Institute of Treasury Management, Olumide Adedoyin, has called on the National Universities Commission (NUC) to compel universities to engage professionals in developing curricula in treasury management.

Mr Adedoyin said in a statement on Monday that the conventional curriculum, though invaluable, neglected the nuances of treasury management.

He said of all the universities running treasury management courses at the master’s level, only Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) had been able to get it right.

Mr Adedoyin stated institutions like Bayero University, Kano, Nasarawa State University, University of Maiduguri, and the University of Abuja had not been able to get the curriculum standardising to meet the global benchmark.

According to him, NUC should compel universities offering courses in Treasury Management to look beyond their current curriculum that only contains elements of finance and accounting.

He said this should include collaboration with the institute, which would help develop such a curriculum as the case with ABU, Zaria.

He said integrating treasury management into the master’s curriculum would empower students to shine in a competitive global economy.

According to him, treasury management possesses a unique allure that sets it apart from accounting and finance, while accounting and finance focus on tracking and analysing financial data, treasury management delves deeper.

He said such omission could leave aspiring professionals ill-equipped to tackle the challenges ahead, adding that recognising such disparity, the institute could provide expertise to help the nation’s institutions.

According to him, with a deep-rooted commitment to excellence, CITM offers a transformative pathway to harness the full potential of treasury management in our nation’s institutions.

Mr Adedoyin said the institute would be willing to partner with NUC to bridge the gap between theory and practice by equipping individuals with specialised skills and knowledge required in treasury management.

According to him, this will help to navigate the complex world of financial management with finesse in an era where financial landscapes evolve at breakneck speed, collaboration and continuous learning are paramount.


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