On New Years Morning In Delhi, Youths Drowned In Joy Dragged The Girl For Several Kilometers In The Car, She Died

Regarding this incident, the maternal uncle of the victim girl said that this case is like ‘Nirbhaya’. Something wrong has happened with our niece. We want that this matter should be investigated from every aspect and our niece should get justice. At the same time, the victim’s mother says that an accident happened with my daughter and ‘wrong work’ has also happened with her. He had met with an accident earlier also, at that time also his clothes were torn, but this time there is no cloth left on his body. There is not a single cloth on his body. We are not even shown his body. I want the police to investigate this whole matter thoroughly.

On the other hand, Outer Delhi’s DCP Harendra Kumar Singh said in a conversation with NDTV that according to the things that have come out in the investigation so far, the accused boys were returning from Murthal after celebrating the New Year. He told that the family of the deceased girl lives in Aman Vihar. The deceased girl has a mother and four siblings in her house, in which she was the eldest sister and has two younger brothers. One is 9 years old and the other is 13 years old. The father has already died. One sister is married. According to DCP Harendra Kumar Singh, the deceased girl used to serve food at parties and she was returning home on a scooty after finishing work at around 3 am.

Meanwhile, a PCR call was received at Kanjhawala police station at 3:24 am that a dead body was tied in a car which was hanging down. Later the caller also told the number and color of the vehicle. After this, a second PCR call was received at 4:11 in the morning, in which it was told that the dead body of the girl was lying on the road. Although, our team started looking for the accused only after receiving the first PCR call, after some time the police arrested all the five accused including the car.

Delhi Women’s Commission Chairperson Swati Maliwal has also expressed grief over this whole issue. He also made a tweet regarding the incident. Maliwal wrote in his tweet that a girl’s naked body was found in Delhi’s Kanjhawala, it is being told that some boys in a drunken state hit her scooty with a car and dragged her for several kilometers. This matter is very dangerous, I am issuing appearance summons to the Delhi Police. The whole truth should come out.

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