Pa. Man Allegedly Shoots, Kills Wife on Christmas Eve, Then Calls His Dad and Says It Was a Suicide

A 39-year-old Enola, Pennsylvania, man is blamed for killing his significant other on Christmas Eve after a contention — then purportedly calling his dad and guaranteeing she’d died by self destruction, different outlets report. As indicated by a blood-smudged letter he purportedly went out, Christopher Colbert at first wanted to die after his significant other, Tamara Colbert.

Yet, as per court records, PennLive reports, when police appeared at the house, they saw Colbert sitting in his vehicle inside the couple’s carport.

Then, at that point, they saw blood on his head, as well as a close by gun. Tamara, 39, was tracked down expired in a room higher up.

Police guarantee that Tamara had escaped higher up after Colbert supposedly attempted to go after her with a blade during a contention.

Higher up in the room, the squabble proceeded, and Colbert then purportedly shot Tamara in the head. He is likewise blamed for choking her, per court records assessed by Individuals.

The blood-stained letter Colbert left behind apparently said, “There is nobody I love more than Tamara,” as per court records surveyed by PennLive.

“She was my reality and I demolished it. Please accept my apologies, comprehend that I didn’t kill her. She and I had a battle. We were not doing competently.” “We both had propensities to be furious when things went inadequately,” the letter purportedly read, per PennLive. “Composing any of this is senseless, since we’re dead, and I will be viewed as the reason.”

After supposedly killing his better half, Colbert called his dad in Florida and let him know Tamara had shot herself, PennLive reports.

Colbert was evidently in a silly attitude and “not finishing sentences,” the power source claims.

Colbert’s dad then called 911 to demand that police do a government assistance check at his child’s Pennsylvania house. Colbert apparently resembled liquor when police showed up.

Colbert’s fundamental hearing is planned for January 12, per court records. He’s accused of criminal murder, exasperated attack, strangulation, and messing with actual proof.

He’s been denied bond, court records show. It’s indistinct whether Colbert has given a supplication or held a legal counselor to remark for his sake.

Individuals contacted the Cumberland Region Head prosecutor’s Office however didn’t quickly hear back.

Police ask anybody with data in regards to this case to contact Det. Coleen Redifer of Hampden Municipality Police at 717-761-2609.

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