POCO Shares HyperOS Rollout Schedule in India: Check Details

POCO India has released the HyperOS rollout schedule for eligible smartphones. The brand aims to release the HyperOS update for the remaining smartphones this quarter. Take a look at the details.

POCO Devices Eligible For HyperOS Update

POCO has already released a HyperOS schedule for several devices, including the POCO F5, POCO X6 Pro, POCO X6, and more. Here’s the list of devices getting the HyperOS update in Q2, 2024.

Q2, 2024

  • POCO F4
  • POCO X6 Neo
  • POCO M6
  • POCO M5 Pro
  • POCO C65

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Released in March 2024

  • POCO X6
  • POCO M6 Pro
  • POCO M4 5G

Released Earlier

  • POCO F5
  • POCO X5 Pro
  • POCO X5
  • POCO M5
  • POCO C55

To recall, HyperOS, which was recently introduced in India, is Xiaomi’s homegrown operating system that replaces decade-old MIUI. The HyperOS brings with it an all-new MiSans font with support for over 600 languages and 20 writing systems. Xiaomi, with the HyperOS, has, once again, redesigned the Control Centre. The company says that it has done so to achieve better accessibility.

The HyperOS also brings with it an all-new media player widget tile. It also features redesigned system icons which the company claims are clearer than ever. With HyperOS, Xiaomi has also reduced the response delay by around 14% and the delay in task switching by around 16%. HyperOS also occupies less storage and requires around 9GB of system storage, down from 12.5GB which was required for MIUI.

Xiaomi’s HyperOS also focuses on seamless connectivity between devices and supports drag-and-drop between phone and tablet. It also offers a shared clipboard allowing users to copy and paste content between devices effortlessly.

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