President Tinubu Departs New York After Attending UN General Assembly Meeting

President Bola Tinubu has departed New York after attending the 78th session of high-level meetings of the UN General Assembly.

POLITICS NIGERIA reports that Tinubu arrived in New York on Sunday and participated in a number of high-level events, including a bilateral meeting with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. He also conveyed Nigeria’s message to global leaders, affirming that democratic governance is the most reliable safeguard for the people’s sovereign will and welfare.

On Wednesday, Tinubu met with Nigerians in the U.S., where he urged them to change their mindset to succeed, emphasising that Nigeria is still their home. He also met with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, where he noted that African nations would start to take appropriate actions against actors that illicitly siphon and smuggle out the continent’s vast mineral resources.

On Thursday, Tinubu became the first African Head of Government to ring the bell at the National Association of Securities Dealers Automatic Quotation System (NASDAQ).

The Nigerian delegation, made up of 16 ministers, seven governors, the Chief of Staff and some heads of Ministries, Department and agencies, also participated in other high-level events, such as a dialogue on Financing for Development and a high-level meeting on Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response. They also attended the Climate Ambition Summit, convened by the Secretary-General; the Ministerial meeting of the Summit of the Future; High-level meeting of the Universal Health Coverage; and High-level meetings in the fight Against Tuberculosis.

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