‘President Tinubu Has Nothing He Wants To Do In The Next Six Months’ – Ex-Minister

A former minister of petroleum, Umaru Dembo recently expressed his view on the readiness of President Bola Tinubu’s government.

Dembo in a recent interview with Daily Trust claimed that President Tinubu, Governors in the country are not ready for governance.

The former minister who was part of the campaign team of President Tinubu wondered why it took the President a longer time to form his cabinet.

He further stated that President Tinubu in the next six months does not have what he wants to do.

Dembo when asked what he feels about President Tinubu’s administration said, “In Nigeria, people who look for positions like president and governor just look for those positions because they can do it, maybe because they have the wherewithal, the money to do it, but they never prepare for how and what to do if they win.

“Right now the problem we have is that there is a government and we have a president, see how long it is taking the president to get his ministers, he is supposed to within 60 days get his ministers, but he has not been able to do it.

“How to control the country, how to manage the country, how to instil discipline, how to also empower people economically in various fields. So, the government is not ready; everybody, the president, the governors, let alone the local government chairman, they have nothing on the ground.

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“If you ask him what he wants to do in the next six months, he has nothing. He may bring a fat book and read, but that…”

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