Protesters warn Chinese to leave Gwadar port, increasing public anger against BRI

Balochistan, ANI. Gwadar Right Movement leader Maulana Hidayat ur Rehman has warned Chinese citizens to leave the Gwadar port area. According to the report of The Maritime Executive, Maulana Rehman has threatened the Chinese citizens living in Gwadar area, saying that if the government ignores their peaceful demonstrations, then people may also take up arms for their rights. According to Asian Light International, there are about 500 Chinese nationals in the area, who live in the Gwadar port complex.

Economic relations between Pakistan and China can be harmed

With the help of Pakistan, China is expanding the Gwadar port under its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Protest against this is increasing in Gwadar. Due to this, the economic relations between Pakistan and China can be harmed. There is a threat of attack by various terrorist organizations on Chinese citizens living in Pakistan. Protests against the expansion of Gwadar port have been going on for more than two months.

Commission set up for missing people in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Interior Ministry has set up a commission to investigate the cases of missing people amid ongoing protests in Balochistan to search for missing people. According to the report of ARY News, the commission formed after the order of the Balochistan High Court will be headed by the Home Minister of the province Ziaullah Langou. The commission will search for the missing people as per the legal process and help their relatives.

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