Quadri Aruna Blasts WTT For Not Paying Him Amid Sanctions

Nigerian table tennis star, Quadri Aruna has blasted the World Table Tennis (WTT) for sanctioning him after failing to pay him his prize money.

Quadri Aruna and the WTT have been having a face-off because the tennis body feels the Nigerian table tennis icon is snubbing its major tournaments.

Aruna reportedly attended events involving his club, Fakel-Gazprom Orenburg, and failed to attend the World Championships and the WTT Championship in Korea earlier this year.

Due to this, the WTT decided to fine him by dropping him two steps backward in the world table tennis ranking and slamming him with two months of monetary penalties.

In reaction to the sanctions, Quadri Aruna stressed in a statement that he can not prioritize the WTT who are not paying him to attend table tennis events over his club.

The 35-year-old table tennis star argued that he shouldn’t be mandated to feature in WTT events when he doesn’t have a monetary contract with the body.

Aruna wrote, “Why exactly must participation in WTT Champions be mandatory when I have no paid contract with you? Why exactly do I have to leave my club that is paying me salary and play WTT events? Why exactly is this really mandatory?

“I have family to take care of and I have bills to pay monthly, why exactly do I have to be forced to play where I will not win money? Several prize money are yet to be paid by WTT and yet forcing players to play.

“My prize money from cup finals, Doha Star Contender and Goa Star Contender are yet to be received and why exactly must I leave my contract with my clubs and play WTT Champions in Korea and lose my contract with my clubs?”

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