Ramaphosa expected to visit George collapse site on Thursday

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President Cyril Ramaphosa is expected to visit the building collapse site at George in the Western Cape on Thursday.

The death toll currently stands at 33 with seven South Africans among the deceased. 19 others remain unaccounted for.

There has been eight days of rescue and recovery efforts. So far, 47 of the 62 victims, alive and deceased, have been linked to their families.

Twelve of them are still in hospital.

One of those reunited with his family is Delvin Safers from Mossel Bay.

He was rescued a week ago, after 28 hours under the rubble.

“You are in total darkness, you don’t know what’s going on. You don’t know if you are going to survive or even if you are going to make it. Luckily, we heard some drilling. It was far away from us. Then we heard voices outside. That gave us hope.”

A friend of the family, Mervin Olivier, was a volunteer during the rescue efforts.

“When I came to the hall, I see Delvin’s father and ask him what’s he doing here. He said his son is also under the rubble. I was so excited to tell him we’re now busy with your son and I told him we will get him alive out of the rubble. After that I moved back to the site. So, I updated him and informed the others around there.”

Meanwhile, food parcels are distributed to the affected families.

Charity organisations have committed to provide for them for the next few months.

Mario Ferreira from Gift of the Givers says, “There was a strong presence of organisations within the community. The Lions Club, Love George, business, SAPS that works in partnership with us. Members from the local municipality, disaster management were on hand to help as well. It was a combined effort of everybody and we’d like to give credit to them all.”

George Building Collapse | Families hopeful President Ramaphosa’s visit will provide answers, help:

Meanwhile, the developers at the site of the deadly building collapse in George in the Western Cape say they will cooperate with authorities involved in the investigation into the tragedy.

Liatel developers say in a statement that they have ensured that they have representatives at the disaster site to assist in rescue efforts.

Managing Director Theuns Kruger also expressed sympathy with the families and the victims of the tragedy.


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