Redmi K60 Ultra to Get 4 Years of Android OS and 5 Years of Security Updates, Same as Samsung Galaxy Devices

Android devices are well-known for their hardware supremacy but not so much for software update cycles. Outside of Google Pixel and select Samsung Galaxy devices, it is rare for an Android smartphone to come with promised software support that goes beyond one to two years. The good news is Xiaomi could become the next major Android OEM to join the club. It has just announced a long software support cycle for the recently launched Redmi K60 Ultra.

How Many Software Updates Will Redmi K60 Ultra Receive?

Redmi has shared a post on its official Weibo account answering this question. It revealed Redmi K60 Ultra will receive at least four major Android OS upgrades and five years of security patch updates. This is the same software cycle support that Samsung promises for select Galaxy devices.

The Redmi K60 Ultra went official in China last week with MIUI 14 based on Android 13. The latest announcement means the smartphone will get upgraded to at least Android 17. This is a significant step as we have seen Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones receive MIUI upgrades for many years, but they rarely get under-the-hood Android OS upgrades. This is the reason you may see a phone from the company running a newer MIUI version but not the newer Android OS.

An extra year of security updates is also a good addition. It means even though major OS upgrades will stop in 2027, the users will continue to get security fixes for one more year. It is good news for people who love to continue using their phones unless and until they have to get a new one.

The same Weibo post from Redmi further reveals that Redmi K60 Ultra will be a part of the first batch of devices that will receive the MIUI 15 upgrade. This new MIUI version is currently under internal testing and an alpha build was recently spotted on the Xiaomi server.

Even though the announcement is limited to the Redmi K60 Ultra, we can expect it to be the beginning of something new. There is a good possibility that Xiaomi and Redmi would expand extended software support to other devices. However, we will have to see if it will be limited to phones launched in China or cover all the phones available globally.

The Redmi K60 Ultra is rumoured to debut as the Xiaomi 13T Pro in the global markets. This new smartphone is said to arrive alongside the Xiaomi 13T on September 1. There will be a few differences here and there between the two models but most things will remain unchanged.

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