SA Poultry Association calls for renewal of anti-dumping duties

The South African Poultry Association is calling on Trade Minister Ebrahim Patel to urgently renew anti-dumping duties, saying that failure to do so could lead to job losses in the industry.

Provisional anti-dumping duties were in force from December 2021 and lapsed on the 14th of June this year.

Association General Manager Izaak Breitenbach, says the biggest threat to South Africa’s poultry industry is unfair trade practices from countries like Brazil, Ireland, Spain and Denmark who dump their product on South African shores.

He says in terms of the law, the minister has 60-days to renew the anti-dumping duties.

“We have been as an industry, in distress for about 10 consecutive years, and when we were in discussion with minister Patel, and Didiza, the root cause of the problem was identified as dumping of chicken, and dumping simply means the chicken is being sold at ridiculously low prices in South Africa, and that harms the industry, it causes the industry not to grow, it causes the industry not to be profitable, and eventually the industry will decline and shed jobs, as what we’ve had for ten years.”

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