Satinder Gill: Who Is He? Vancouver’s Brothers Keepers Gang Death and the Langley Shooting

Satinder Gill: Who Is He? Vancouver’s Brothers Keepers Gang Death and the Langley Shooting

As per reports, Satinder Gil was a companion of the hoodlum Maninder Dhaliwal, who was killed in the latest shooting in Vancouver.


Gil was one of the two people that were shot and killed on Sunday, July 25, 2022, as indicated by the Vancouver Sun. He didn’t partake in posse action.

Dhaliwal, who had various claims against him, was a significant piece of the Brother Keepers Gang.

Satinder Gil Was Shot And Killed In Langley Maninder Dhaliwal and Satinder Gil, the two individuals from the Brother Keepers Gang, were killed in a pack quarrel on Sunday over noontime.

The shooting occurred close to the Sundial Hotel in Whistler Village, focal Vancouver.

The Vancouver Sun reports that Dhaliwal died there, while Gil was truly harmed and later died in a medical clinic.

As per the specialists, the gunfight was associated with the continuous pack struggle in the Lower Mainland.

His brother died in Vancouver’s upscale Coal Harbor café in April 2021.

Barinder Dhaliwal, regularly known as Shrek, is Meninder’s more established brother. He was an Abbotsford local who went through numerous years dealing with the family ranch.

Three needed gangsters from Abbotsford, Jonathan, Jarrod, and Jamie Bacon, are associated with individuals from the Brother Keepers Gang.

Satinder Gil: Who Is He? Maninder Dhaliwal’s buddy Satinder Gil was not a one of the guys action. He is in his thirties and is a moderately aged man.

Gil was just a transitory individual and Dhaliwal’s dear companion. The explanation he went with Dhaliwal is obscure.

The Vancouver Sun said that Gil was utilized for a family-run substantial business. He played hockey, and for his new birthday he went to Whistler.

Gil, who was of Punjabi heritage, talked about his loved ones. The names of his family are not referenced in the report.

Web Users Share Gruesome Langley Shooting Video On the Internet, a video from the shooting has become extremely well known. It shows Satinder Gil and Maninder Dhaliwal face down in horrendous pools.

As indicated by reports, a few of the observers had shown the video to other people.

An observer said that in excess of ten rounds were terminated rapidly. He heard the gunfire outside his store around early afternoon.

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