Shahnaz Gill showed her leg in the photoshoot, Guru Randhawa started covering it; Now different types of comments are coming

new Delhi: The innocence and vivacity of Shehnaaz Gill wins everyone’s heart. Along with common people, special people also spend their lives on them. Add the name of Guru Randhawa to the list of fans of the actress, who has shared a beautiful video with Shahnaz Gill. Both can be seen getting photoshoot done on the beach.

In the video, both the stars are seen laughing and smiling during the conversation. Such a moment also came, when Guru Randhawa was feeling ashamed, Shahnaz was seen asking him to look at her. Fans described the chemistry of both as cute. In fact, when Shahnaz asked Guru to keep his hand on her knee, the singers started covering her leg, but Shahnaz exposed her leg again and asked Guru Randhawa to look at her. After this, the way Guru Randhawa blushed, he won everyone’s heart.

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