“She is the joy of my life, as I have never been happier”- Patrick Doyle celebrates new wife

Patrick Doyle, a seasoned actor and Ireti Doyle’s former spouse, has expressed gratitude to Olufunmilayo, his new wife, for making him happy.

He thanked his new partner on Facebook and shared the meaning of her name, Olufunmilayo, which translates to “God has given me joy.”

He claimed that because his wife is the joy of his life, she has brought him joy in fact.

He credits God for bringing her into his life, saying that he has never been happier in his entire life.

He wished her a happy birthday and referred to her as his Angel and a unique gift from God.

“This is Olufunmilayo, her name literally translates as “God has given me joy”. The truth is she is indeed the joy of my life courtesy of the Most High. I have never been happier in all my life and I have God to thank for bringing this angel into my life. Happy Birthday to my gift from above”.

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