Sol Plaatje Municipality’s decision to sell land to private developer criticised

A decision by Kimberley’s Sol Plaatje Municipality in the Northern Cape, to sell a patch of land to a private developer AFRI Khaya for social housing has infuriated some residents.

Some residents, who have been living in the area for over five decades, claim processes were flouted in the private developer’s procurement of the land and suspect underhanded dealings. This accusation has been denied by the municipality.

“300 units that will be built for social housing, those earning between R2 500 and R3 000 will be considered. When this was done all processes were followed. There was public participation including an advertorial in a local newspaper,” municipality spokesperson, Thoko Riet explains.

Residents who have lived in the area for many decades say the proposed project will be a nightmare. Some fear that the rentals will open the flood gates for social ills and also devalue their homes.

“I really do not want this project at all, I have been living here for many years and I don’t understand the municipality’s rational in selling this small piece of land for housing. They did not consult us as they claim. We have written letters to them and they have not responded. Back-to-back, our people are currently living in shack sand they will not benefit from this project which is very sad. I really don’t want the proposed project because it will bring us a lot of problems,” a resident says.

Video: Anger at Sol Plaatje Municipality’s decision to sell piece of land to private developer


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