“Solomon of our time” – Man stirs reactions as he marries 10 women in one day

An unidentified young African American man stirred huge internet debate and fascination by marrying ten different women in an unorthodox wedding ceremony in one day, bringing polygamy to new heights.

As soon as a video of the amazing event went viral, social media users were astounded and enthralled.

Close friends and family members were present at the wedding, which was held in an unknown location and included a unique union that violates social standards even in societies where polygamy is accepted.

Although polygamy is a universal practice, multiple marriages on this scale are incredibly uncommon.

The African American groom can be seen beaming with happiness in the film as he poses with his ten newlywed wives, who are all decked out in exquisite bridal clothes.

The unusual group shot showed the young man bending over while one of his wives politely perched on his knees in a peaceful setting.

As the video spread like wildfire, social media platforms immediately erupted in a mix of amazement, curiosity, and admiration.

Netizens Reactions…

@tonichauntel said; “I can understand why a woman would want multiple husbands – I will never understand why a man would want multiple wives.”

@LordComrie said; “10 different sets of mood swings, 10 different arguments, 10 different kinds of love languages, 10 different birthdays, favourite colours, ice cream etc. Then boom all cycles sync up at once. lol madness.”

@SUPER_UN_STABLE said; “People like this marry so many woman cause they ultimately just veiw woman as bodies and think “woww 10 different girls to bang!!” And not the TEN different human beings they’ll have to dedicate their life to. Bet bro couldn’t even name their eye colors.”

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