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Susana Uribarri is a trustworthy occasion supervisor whose age is as yet a secret to many individuals and is as of now at the center of attention for her relationship reports with Jaime de Marichalar.

The VIP specialist was responsible for persuading Ana Obregón to give the rings during her most difficult year and taking care of the shock of seeing Georgina Rodriguez dressed as a lion in “Veil Singer.”


Keep perusing to figure out more about Uribarri. Susana Uribarri Wikipedia Bio Susana Uribarri has seen how terrifically her calling as a superstar specialist has returned.

Because of the Mask Singer program, where the supervisor “sneaked” a couple of her clients under the covers of the Antena 3 rivalry, the organizations have been gabbing about her as of late.

In spite of the fact that Uribarri has dedicated her vocation to working with superstars, the beyond couple of months stand apart the most in her amazing resume.

Despite the fact that you probably won’t be know about her name, she is the lady you really want to meet if you have any desire to get to realize the most notable TV faces.

The veteran occasion supervisor is dynamic on Instagram with more than 44k supporters and has a sum of 707 posts at this point. She continually transfers snaps of her family, life partner, and companions alongside her undertakings.

Susana Uribarri Age: How Old Is She? As per the reports, the financial specialist turned 55 this year. Her age is a subject of conversation for some individuals still today.

The financial specialist is the girl of Jose Luis Uribarri who is a writer and telecaster and is notable for having voiced Eurovision from 1969 to 2010 on a larger number of than twenty distinct events.

Jose Luis wedded Alicia Mansberger Martin and had two little girls: Alicia(54) and Susana(55). He got separated from Susana’s natural mother in 1982.

After four years, he remarried Amparo Losada Daz. At the point when Susana was still in her twenties, she began a lifelong in creative portrayal, and Julio Iglesias by and by welcomed her to move to Miami with him soon after.

She did precisely that. Around then, Uribarri took over as Iglesias’ right hand and was responsible for the craftsman’s all’s appearances and meetings across the globe.

Is Susana Uribarri Married? Her Net Worth Revealed It isn’t affirmed at this point whether the chief, as well as the maker, is hitched or not. In any case, she transfers photographs of a man some of the time wishing him valentines day to give credit for the bliss she has claimed. They look glad and the man might be Darek.

The exact measure of Susana Uribarri’s total assets in 2022 is obscure. The occasion director’s assessed total assets is believed to be about $500000.

Chief and maker Susana Uribarri is generally known for her work on the motion pictures Msica s (1997), Homenaje a Miguel ngel Blanco (1997), and Juntos (2011).

Uribarri/Gtres is one of the organizations that addresses Julio José Iglesias. Considering that she dealt with Julio Iglesias’ all’s appearances and meetings while filling in as his right hand in Miami for a very long time, Susana Uribarri’s earlier accomplishments ought not be dismissed.

Susana manages the professions of Tamara, who believes her brothers’ dad to be her Uncle Jules, as well as two of the vocalist’s posterity, Chábeli, and Julio José Iglesias, despite the fact that their functioning joint effort is done working.

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