‘Suspects shot dead in Mariannhill terrorised residents for years’

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Residents of Desai in Mariannhill, Durban, say the suspects who were killed in a shoot-out with police this morning have been terrorising them for years.

The nine suspects were wanted in connection with a series of violent crimes.

Residents Caroline Kesaki and Alphinah Gumbi say the crime levels have been so high, that some people have abandoned their homes.

Kesaki says, “There is a high rate of crime here and people have left their homes and houses due to the high rate of crime. We didn’t sleep due to the noise of guns. I am also the victim of this crime as my husband was severely beaten up and his belongings were taken by the criminals.”

Gumbi says, “The rate of crime is frightening and we live under fear. Many people have left their homes, and I thank the intervention of police.”

VIDEO: Nine suspects killed in gun battle in Durban:

Reporting by Khalesakhe Mbense and Nonjabulo-Mntungwa Makamu.

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