Taliban Pakistan War: Pakistani army preparing to attack TTP by entering Afghanistan, Taliban warns of ‘war’

Islamabad: The war of words between the Taliban government of Pakistan and Afghanistan has intensified over Tehreek-e-Taliban terrorists planning to establish a government inside Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan has alleged that TTP terrorists who shed the blood of its soldiers are getting shelter in Afghanistan. Pakistan has also expressed its intention that it will not back down from entering Afghanistan and attacking TTP. Taliban terrorists have got enraged on this statement of Pakistan and they have termed the allegations against TTP as baseless.

The Taliban’s Defense Ministry has issued a statement saying that the statement of the Pakistani Interior Minister is harming the good relations between the two neighboring countries. The Taliban Defense Ministry said that this statement of Pakistan is provocative. The Taliban claimed that the TTP terrorists were taking shelter inside the border of Pakistan, not Afghanistan. The Taliban urged the Pakistan Army to address concerns through mutual understanding.
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We are ready to defend the independence of Afghanistan: Taliban
The Defense Ministry of Mullah Yakub, son of Taliban founder Mullah Omar, even warned of war on Pakistan’s plan to attack inside Afghanistan. The Taliban Defense Ministry said, ‘Afghanistan is not without its master. As always, we are ready to defend our territorial integrity and independence. It is important to mention that we have better experience of defending our country than anyone else. This statement of Taliban has come at a time when the National Security Council of Pakistan has agreed to attack against TTP terrorists by entering Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s army and government have said that they will give a chance to Taliban to eliminate TTP and if this does not happen, they will enter Afghanistan and attack TTP bases. Not only this, Pakistan has said that there will be no direct talks with TTP now. From now on all talks will be through the Taliban. Pakistan has said that the Taliban will be told that TTP is Pakistan’s redline. However, Pakistan has also said that it will continue to hold talks with the Taliban.

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