Tax Free Alcohol: Now alcohol is also tax free in this Muslim country, know why it was done – now alcohol is also tax free in this muslim country

new Delhi: To woo tourists from all over the world, Dubai keeps on doing various kinds of efforts. There is either zero tax or very low tax on many things that entice people. But till now there was 30 per cent tax on liquor. Not only this, those who used to take liquor license also had to pay a certain fee. On the occasion of New Year, the Dubai Administration has announced the abolition of both the tax on alcohol sales and the license fee (Liquor Licenses).

This was done to promote tourism

This important announcement was made by the royal family of Dubai on New Year i.e. January 1, 2023. According to information received in the media, 30 percent tax on the sale of liquor was abolished in order to further promote tourism. Along with this, it was also announced to abolish both the fees charged for obtaining liquor license. This announcement has been made by Dubai’s two government liquor companies (Maritime and Mercantile International) on the new year. Both these companies are part of the Emirates Group. The announcement was made on the orders of the ruling Al Maktoum family.

Liquor is available in Dubai even in Ramadan

To promote tourists, Dubai has taken many tourist friendly steps. Recently there has also been permission to sell liquor during the day during the month of Ramzan. Home-delivery of liquor was also started there when the Covid lockdown was going on. The reason behind these decisions was the revenue that Dubai gets from the sale of liquor. But with the decision taken now, the Dubai government will have to lose this important revenue.

Non-Muslims allowed to drink alcohol in Dubai

Under the law in Dubai, non-Muslims must be 21 or older to consume alcohol. Drinkers are required to carry a plastic card issued by the Dubai Police. This card allows them to buy beer, wine and liquor. Also they can transport and consume it. Those who do not have this card, they may have to pay a fine for doing so. Along with this, there is also the fear of arrest. Most of the bars, night clubs and lounges there are owned by Sheikhs. In these, a permit is hardly demanded from the drinker, but people are scared.

how dubai used to buy tax free alcohol

Even though there was a tax on the sale of alcohol in Dubai earlier, but the enthusiasts there used to juggle tax-free alcohol. Dubai residents have long been visiting Umm al-Quwain and other emirates to shop for bulk, tax-free alcohol, Mint reported. This is because Dubai is known to be relatively liberal. Next to Dubai is Sharjah, which is also part of the United Arab Emirates, where alcohol is banned. Similarly, alcohol is banned in the neighboring countries of Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

(with input from AP)

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