The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 12 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta’ or ‘The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses’ episode 12 titled ‘I Wanted to Practice Cooking with the Girl I Like,’ Komura and his friends are given a personal planning survey in which they are asked about their future plans. Mie-san does not appear to have any dreams like Komura, and both of them are pretty clueless at this point. However, Komura feels that he would prefer to get married to Mie-san at some point. Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Suki na Ko ga Megane wo Wasureta’ or ‘The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses’ episode 12. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 12 Recap

At the school, Komura and his classmates get the person planning survey that asks questions about their dreams and future plans. Komura thinks for a while and realizes that he does not really have any dreams and is not sure what he wants to do at all. Meanwhile, Mie-san is really interested in his future plans so she asks him about it. After talking for a while, Komura realizes that she does not have any dreams or plans as well.

Interestingly, Mie-san mentions getting married at some point. When he goes back to his house later that day, Komura realizes that he really wants to get married to Mie-san at some point and spend his life with her. Other than that, he does not have many plans. The following day at school, Mie-san sees his form and notices the word husband being mentioned on it. When she inquires whose husband he wants to become, Komura cannot really answer, which appears to make Mie-san angry. 

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The Girl I Like Forgot Her Glasses Episode 12 Ending: How Does Komura Get Embarrassed At School? How Does Mie-san Help Him Feel Better?

At his home, Komura recalls seeing Mie-san’s preschool photos and is inspired to look for his own. After some effort, he eventually stumbles upon the old album and is a bit disappointed by what he finds. He notices that his mother has kept photos of several embarrassing moments that he would prefer to forget instead. In one particular photo, he has fallen off the bar while trying to do a flip and his nose is bleeding. Komura recalls the embarrassing moment and hopes that it was never captured on camera.

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The following day at school, he ends up carrying that particular photo with him. As he busy taking out his books, Azuma gets his hands on the photo and stops Komura from taking it back. Komura is embarrassed as Azuma sees the photo he is desperate to hide from everyone. But as if this was not bad enough, Azuma then announces that he has it and shows it to other students as well. Naturally, Mie-san is really curious but because of her poor eyesight, she is unable to see the photo despite trying her best. 

Later that afternoon, Mie-san asks Komura to walk home with her. As they leave the school premises, she also tells him that she would like to stop at the nearby park. Mie-san and Komura eventually end up near the same bar where the latter preschool embarrassing photo was taken. Once they are there, Mie-san tells him to wait since she wants to go home and get her glasses. When she returns, she asks Komura to give her the photo again. 

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Mie-san finally gets to see the photo and asks Komura what he was trying to do that day. He explains that he tried the flip on the bar but ended up falling, which led to his nosebleed. Mie-san is curious if he can do it now and Komura gets on the bar and tries to do it. He fails at first but on the second attempt, he manages to do a beautiful flip which appears to impress Mie-san. Although she tries to do the same, Mie-san fails miserably. 

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