The government excluded those who fought the Ukraine war from the anti-corruption law. Ukraine War; Russia Provides Tax Relief to Soldiers

Russia is making every effort to entice its soldiers to take part in the Ukraine war. Russia has announced that the soldiers and other employees fighting the war against Ukraine will not have to pay income tax from now on. Along with this, the government will also give gifts to the soldiers who behave humanely in the war.

Russian government spokesman Dmitry Peskov has given this information. He has told that the soldiers fighting the war in four areas of Ukraine, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharson and Zaporizhia, have been excluded from the purview of the anti-corruption law. This simply means that from now on they will not have to give information about their income, expenses and assets to the government. Earlier, the government had made an offer to the youth that if they participate in the Ukraine war, the government would freeze their sperm for free. So that if something happens to them in the war, their dynasty continues.

The Russian government is facing allegations that it is forcibly recruiting people into the army.

The Russian government is facing allegations that it is forcibly recruiting people into the army.

Gifts will also be given to entice the soldiers
Apart from the soldiers, policemen serving in the Ukraine war, security personnel and other government employees will also get the benefit of income tax exemption. The family members of these people will also be exempted from giving details of their income and assets. According to the Moscow Times, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed the draft on Thursday. The government has also said

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Earlier also lured to freeze sperm for free
Before giving income tax exemption, Russia had announced that it would store the sperm of soldiers going to war against Ukraine in its cryobanks. Cryobank is the place where sperm, semen are kept safe. Russia’s news agency TASS had given this information.

This was demanded by Igor Trunov, president of the Russian Lawyers Union. Which the government has accepted. Now the Health Ministry there is preparing to provide this facility to the soldiers for free.

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Millions of soldiers left Russia fearing war
According to the BBC report, since the announcement of partial mobilization in Russia, two and a half million men have left the country. So that they do not have to go to war. Russian officials believe that 2 lakh Russians have fled to Kazakhstan, because Russians do not need a passport to go here. Apart from this, many Russians have arrived in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Argentina and countries of Western Europe. The cycle is still going on.

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