Top 10 Smallest Country in the World

10. Maldives-300km2

The Maldives is the 10th smallest country in the world. It is a South Asian Island country which is situated in the Indian Ocean of the Arabian Sea. It’s land measures about 300 square kilometers. In the Maldives, there are more than 1192 coral islands. The Maldives is one of the popular tourist’s destinations and dispersed countries in the world.

9. Saint Kitts and Nevis-261km2

Saint Kitts & Nevis is an island country in the West Indies which is situated in the Leeward Islands. It is also known as the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis. It occupies an area of 261 kilometers squared. Its economy depends upon agriculture, tourism, and small manufacturing industries. This island also provides fantastic diving sites as it contains adequate marine life.

8. Marshall Islands-181km2

Marshall Islands is also an island country which is situated in the Pacific Ocean nearly halfway between the US State Of Hawaii and the continent of Australia. It is taken as a part of Micronesia. It includes more than 800 species of fishes along with 160 of corals. It also hosts a number of shipwrecks. These islands occupy a total area of 181 square kilometers.

7. Liechtenstein-160km2

Liechtenstein is a landlocked German-speaking country that lies in between Switzerland and Austria. It is the only country in the world that lies completely in the Alps. It is the richest country in the world according to GDP per capita & has the lowest unemployment rate (1.5%). Visitors have to go through Switzerland to reach this nation as it has no airport. It is the world’s 7th smallest country with an area of 160 square kilometers. It is still ruled by a prince.

6.San Marino-61km2

San Marino is also known as the most serene republic of San Marino that lies on the Italian Peninsula on the northeastern side of the Apennine mountain. It is the 3rd smallest country in Europe with the oldest surviving sovereign state in the world. It is also one of the richest nations in the world in terms of GDP per capita. It is the 5th smallest country in the world with an area of 61 square kilometers.

5. Tuvalu-26km2

Formerly  Tuvalu is known as the Ellice Islands that are located in the Pacific Ocean northeast of Australia. There are about 10,000 inhabitants with only one hospital present on the main island. The tourism industry is not so flourished here. Tuvalu is the 5th smallest country in the world with an area of 26 square kilometers.

4. Nauru-21km2

Formerly Nauru is known as pleasant Island that lies in Micronesia in the central Pacific. It is also known for the most number of obese people in the world. Here about 97% of male and 93% of female are obese. Diabetes is common in Nauru. It is the world’s 4th smallest country in the world with an area of 21 square kilometers.

3. Monaco-km2

Monaco is a sovereign city-state nation that lies in western Europe. It is home to the largest number of Millionaires and Billionaires in the world. Due to gambling and luxury goods and services industry, Monaco is the favorite playground for rich and famous people. Monaco is the world’s third smallest country in the world only with 2 kilometers squared in total land area.

2. Vatican City-0.44km2

Vatican City, known as Holy See is an independent state that lies within the city of Rome. It is the center of the Catholic Church and is also home to the biggest church in the world (St. Peter’s Basilica) which is the major source of its economy. With the only area of 0.44km2, Vatican city is the world’s 2nd smallest country in the world.

1. Sealand-0.004km2

Sealand is the lately found world’s smallest country. It has a population of only 27 people. With a total area of only 0.004 square kilometers and 27 people, Sealand is the smallest country along with least populated country in the world. It has all liveable space and its currency is Sealand dollar.

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