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Tracey Spicer is a writer and newsreader whose life changed after she got COVID on vacation to the Gold coast in January.

Tracey has won Walkley Award, and she functioned as a newsreader with Network Ten. Likewise, she was viewed as a co-have for Ten Eyewitness News in1990s and 2000s.


Spicer has likewise experience working with Sky News Australia as a journalist and moderator from 2007 to 2015. Essentially, she was named a Member of the Order of Australia.

What Is Tracey Spicer’s Illness? Tracey Spicer has been experiencing the long Covid. She reached COVID without precedent for January when she went on vacation on the gold coast.

Subsequent to being determined to have COVID, she was incapacitated for quite some time and had side effects like an extreme hack. Despite the fact that she has recuperated from COVID-19, she is debilitated and can’t work accurately.

Tracey has been inoculated threefold, however she encounters devastating weariness, which makes it difficult for her even to prepare a feast as she feels exhausted.

Likewise, it is difficult for her to stroll around the block. Spicer additionally experienced chest torments with weariness which made her concern, and she went to the emergency clinic for treatment.

Every one of the side effects are found in individuals after they have experienced COVID. She didn’t feel herself because of these side effects. Moreover, it impacted her practicing ability as well.

Previously, she used to practice two hours per day and go for preparing for 30 kilometers walk, yet presently she can’t as she has been determined to have gentle pericarditis.

Has Tracey Spicer Suffered From Mental Depression And Eating Disorder? Tracey Spicer has imparted her battles to psychological well-being because of her downturn with Stellar Magazine.

Spicer has a family background of misery as her dad experienced it. She knew nothing about its unusual impacts until she experienced discouragement.

She likewise revelead that she experienced fits of anxiety, which were extreme to the point that she had blacked out. Tracy additionally experienced uneasiness because of heart palpitations, sticky hands, and cold feet.

Where Could Tracey Spicer currently be? Tracey Spicer’s keep going post on Instagram was seen on July 16, and she is by all accounts fighting her fights with Long Covid.

She had additionally shared the drug and enhancements she expected to take due to Long Covid.

Tracy’s condition could improve, yet she has not shared a lot of about her wellbeing on her virtual entertainment accounts.

Tracey Spicer Health Update 2022? Tracey Spicer is by all accounts mending and seeking treatment for long Covid in 2022.

She is by all accounts taking the vital drug for the treatment and is recuperating from it. She great searched in the image she shared on her Instagram on July 14.

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