Transition to cleaner energy to yield positive economic benefits: Ramokgopa

Electricity Minister, Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, says he’s confident that government’s aggressive transitioning to cleaner energy will lead to positive economic benefits for the country.

He says bringing independent producers on board will improve generation capacity which will stabilise the grid.

South Africa and China have also signed an agreement on cooperation in clean energy investments.

Speaking in his weekly media briefing on Saturday to update the nation on the implementation of government’s Energy Action Plan, the Minister says using renewable energy will contribute to skills development and the creation of jobs.

“The total rand value of about R3.2 billion is what has been accumulated to the South African economy. This has got significant impact in relation to socioeconomic development in the areas of enterprise development so that we are able to expand the floor of opportunities to local communities … we are able to provide new skills that help them participate in this energy transition and we are beginning to give concrete meaning to our version of what constitutes green energy.”

Ramokgopa elaborates in the video below: 

SA-China agreements

South Africa has concluded a number of agreements with Chinese state-owned entities with the signing of two overarching memoranda.

These were witnessed by President Cyril Ramaphosa and President Xi Jinping.

Part of the agreements include addressing issues of green energy solutions, exploitations of renewable energy sources, and the use of modern technology.

In addition, earlier this week Ramokgopa confirmed that a shipment of donated energy equipment from China to South Africa is already in transit.

Ramokgopa said the donation of energy equipment from China announced last week will help provide emergency energy solution for clinics, hospitals, police stations and correctional facilities.

The electricity minister added that technical capacity is ready to support in relation to the appropriateness of the technical solutions that have been donated.

More details in the report below: 


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