Two graduating students set to face disciplinary panel over ‘immoral display’ on sign-out day

Mohammed AbdulSalam and Sulyman Tawakaltu, two graduating students from the Kwara State College of Education in Ilọrin, are currently the subject of an investigation and are scheduled to appear before a disciplinary panel for their role in an incident described to as a “immoral display.”

The controversial incident included the two students during their signing out process, which attracted considerable attention after a picture went viral on social media.

In the widely shared image, a male student named Mohammed AbdulSalam was seen clutching a female student named Sulyman Tawakaltu by the chest as they both celebrated passing their final examinations.

Both pupils are reportedly members of the school’s agricultural department.

In reaction to this occurrence, the college acted quickly by addressing it in an internal message, citing “the display of immoral practice by two students of the institution”  as the grounds for their decision to initiate a disciplinary process.

The college has charged the “Students’ Disciplinary Committee (SDC)” with examining and handling this matter in order to set a precedent and dissuade other students from engaging in similar behavior.

Hajia Habitat Zubair, the college’s Public Relations Officer, confirmed the current investigation while underlining that the institution has made no public statements about the event.*

In the college PRO words;

“The school has commenced investigation into the matter but has not made any formal pronouncement on it.”

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