US Woman Pushes Off 3 Year Old Onto Train Tracks In Portland Cctv Footage Viral

Woman At Railway Platform: It is said… ‘Jako rakhe saiyan maar na koi na koi’. This adage has been recently reflected in a viral video, in which a woman is seen pushing a 3-year-old girl on the railway track. This CCTV footage of the incident which is becoming increasingly viral is giving goosebumps to everyone. This video is being told of Portland city of America.

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In this CCTV footage going viral, it can be seen how a heartless woman pushes an innocent three-year-old girl on the railway track. Seeing the video, it seemed as if she was bent on taking the girl’s life, but fortunately, the girl’s life was saved. After this incident, it is being told that the police arrested the woman while taking action.

It can be seen in the CCTV footage that when a three-year-old girl was going to the Gateway Transit Center platform in Portland with her mother. At the same time, a woman sitting on the back bench suddenly pushes a three-year-old girl standing in front, after which the girl falls on the railway track. Fortunately, no train was coming at that time. Till now the reason for pushing the girl by the woman has not been revealed.

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