Video Shows Unique Wedding Style of Princess in Bayelsa State, People React

Nigerian woman Chioma Ikokwu, better known online as Chiomagoodhair, has uploaded a compilation film of her friend’s traditional marriage in the state of Bayelsa, specifically in Yenegoa.

The governor and kings were among the dignitaries that attended the extravagant and distinctive traditional wedding.

Chioma said that until she got to her friend’s house, she had no idea that she was a princess.

The bride arrived on a boat, and the community members were there to greet her with grandeur, as seen in the video.

Chioma claims that the day before the big cultural marriage, they hosted a pre-wedding celebration.

As the bride displayed them in the video, Chioma also revealed that she wore five different costumes for her wedding, with the second one being her favorite.

Her video description read:

“POV: Your friend invites you to her wedding but forgets to disclose that she’s actually a princess. Journey with me to Bayelsa for the most beautiful cultural wedding you’ll ever witness. And do Say Aye if you make it to the End of the video.”

The uniqueness of the traditional wedding left netizens on TikTok in awe. LivingIgnd77 reacted: “People just casually live like this in Nigeria.” @angel reacted: “I stay in bayelsa and idk this place.” Musty Satomi said: “I like watching rich people stuffs.” Mia said: “Love the pre wedding day. Was it custom made? Or an online store? Can you suggest some African stores to shop. I look online, but don’t see the quality. Thanks.” Mimilove reacted: “No be all bayelsa fine.” *

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