“We haven’t met”- Maid overjoyed as American lover opens 3 restaurants for her

A Lagos maid rejoiced online when her American lover opened three eateries for her in Nigeria.

In a now-private TikTok video, the maid chronicled their love story and proudly promoted her enterprises.

@nuellachisom0 mentioned that they’ve been dating for eight months but had never met in person.

She claimed that her guy was not thrilled to learn that she worked as a maid and that she was too valuable to be someone’s servant.

This led to his financial aid. In her words: “He met me when I was working as a maid and he said I am too precious to be someone’s servant.

So he opened three restaurants for me in Lagos. We haven’t met in person yet. We have been dating for eight months.”

Her now-unavailable video has sent netizens into a frenzy. Another lady was pleased when her white partner came in Nigeria for her. View her video here.

Mixed reactions followed the maid’s statement.

cas_hair_gallery said: “Na just one destiny helper you need ohand your life will change for the best.”

inumidun_ said: “Congratulations and learn to cover your mouth when you eat cuz nobody is truly happy for you, before they will use kayamata to collect your Erumussss.”

iamtofemi said: “Big Congratulations to you Chisom, but how come you both haven’t met in person, yet “he meet you when you are working as a maid”??”

dandavidfilms said: “Congrats but If u know u can’t keep ur legs one place. Don’t visit him over there o. Gun play for America na slap for 9ja o. Them no Dey break their heart o cus they love deeply.”

realjudy__ said: “That’s a man right there !! Man raised with love and compassion… them never knack ooo but see the investments !! My sister your own good.”

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