‘We Must Make Food Sufficiency A Priority’ – IPOB Calls On Igbos To Invest In Agriculture Amidst Hardship

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has called upon the people of the Southeast region to re-engage in farming activities and prioritize investments in agriculture.

IPOB, through its spokesperson, Emma Powerful, issued a statement urging Igbo philanthropists to aid farmers in their communities by procuring seedlings and agricultural tools for them rather than offering short-term food provisions.

IPOB suggested that Igbos could help avert food shortages and starvation in the Southeast and Nigeria by engaging in agriculture and farming practices.

Additionally, IPOB pledged to provide seedlings to selected farmers and assure protection of farmlands from Fulani herdsmen, emphasizing the importance of agricultural investment for Biafrans’ welfare and independence.

The statement read: “The global family and movement of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ably led by the great confident and indefatigable leader, Mazi Nnamdi Okwuchukwu Kanu, calls on Biafrans to invest heavily in agriculture this planting season. It is time for us to create food sufficiency in Biafra Land because we have the means and the fertile lands to make it happen.

“IPOB calls on every Biafran to start farming on all agricultural products, particularly cash crops, to avert the impending famine in Nigeria. There is famine looming in Nigeria, and Biafrans must be prepared to avert the impending danger of starvation.

“Farmers should be encouraged and supported to go into farming instead of sharing consumable foods with our people. Investors should start Agricultural Cottage Industries to process and preserve agricultural products for export. Biafrans have fertile and able lands for good yield.

“Other than cash crop production, our people can also invest in animal husbandry. Moreso, Biafrans should invest in agricultural research centers for quality research and development focused on growing our native food products efficiently. Ndigbo, it’s time to learn how to fish instead of just buying fish to eat.

“IPOB equally calls on patriotic Biafrans to sensitize our people on the importance of farming. Our people should understand that farming is very important. We should not believe in buying everything we eat from the market.

“As Biafrans, we must make food sufficiency a priority. We must not allow our enemies to have full control of our food supply and supply chain. Any nation that is incapable of feeding themselves will always be left in a vulnerable situation. Our people must be involved in the production of all cash crops, vegetables, and livestock that we utilize daily.

“On the part of IPOB, we will provide high-quality seedlings to some selected farmers to plant this planting season.

“Most importantly, IPOB/ESN has made appreciable gains in securing our forests, bushes, and farmlands against the marauding Fulani herdsmen jihadists to create a conducive environment to allow our farmers to return to their farms.

“ESN Operatives are combat-ready to ensure that marauding Fulani herdsmen Jihadists will not destroy our farmlands. The agenda of Fulani is to make Biafrans food dependent on their products from Northern Nigeria, but IPOB has destroyed their evil agenda. IPOB and ESN loyalty lies with Biafrans.

“Therefore, Biafrans should invest heavily in agriculture to provide food for consumption at home and also for exportation.

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