Who Is Gurpreet Dhaliwal? Man Linked To BC Whistler Village Shooting Details, Where Is The Suspect Now?

Gurpreet Dhaliwal is a survivor of the shooting in Whistler, British Columbia. According to reports, he was an individual from the Brothers Keeper posse.

A deadly shooting happened external a lodging in Whistler, a town in British Columbia, leaving two individuals dead. According to The Integrated Homicide Investigation, it was a pack related shooting as things between rival posses got muddled.


Specialists have affirmed the character of two casualties as Gurpreet Meninder Dhaliwal and Satindera Gill. Reports say that Dhaliwal was an individual from the Brothers Keeper pack, and Gill was his companion.

Who Is Gurpreet Dhaliwal? BC Whistler Village Shooting Victim And Brothers Keepers Gang Gurpreet Dhaliwal was a gangster of Brothers Keepers situated in British Columbia.

Also, the shooting occurred external the Sundial Hotel in Vancouver. The shooters shot Dhaliwal and Gill without any attempt at being subtle on Sunday.

Police have affirmed it was a designated shooting, and two packs were involved. They have additionally captured two suspects who were allegedly running away from the area.

Gurpreet was 29 years of age. Both he and his partner, Satindera, were known to the nearby police. A few sources say that they had been captured before for posse related clashes.

In any case, nobody anticipated that the occurrence should occur as such a shooting didn’t occur before in the spot. And, surprisingly, however the specialists had the thought regarding the enduring posses, they didn’t realize it could prompt such an overwhelming occurrence.

Gurpreet Dhaliwal Shooting: Where Is The Suspect Now? The specialists captured two suspects after the shooting.

As per a few sources, the suspects are accepted to be individuals from an opponent posse. Nonetheless, they haven’t given any insights about the adversary posse as of not long ago.

At this point, the suspects are presently in guardianship. Their trial is approaching, however the specialists are at present addressing them right now, attempting to get further into the strain between the posses.

Likewise, the suspects’ names and personalities are not yet uncovered. Gurpreet Meninder Dhaliwal Family And Ethnicity: Is He Indian? Gurpreet Dhaliwal came from Indian legacy, however reports say he has been situated in Canada for quite a while.

Tragically, we have no data about his significant other and family. He was 29 years of age. Since his demise, no media has gotten any news in regards to his loved ones.

We forward our genuine sympathies to the casualties’ families and friends and family. No matter what their work, nobody should be shot in the city without trying to hide.

May they discover a genuine sense of harmony in existence in the wake of death.

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