Who Is Harb Dhaliwal? Brothers Keepers Gang Member Death On BC Whistler Village Shooting, What Happened To The Brothers?

Harb Dhaliwal was an individual from the Brothers Keepers pack who was shot to death in Coal Harbor on April 17 last year.

His brother, Meninder Dhaliwal, was likewise gunned down in Whistler yesterday. Specialists accept these killings are the consequence of lower central area posse struggle.


Who Was Harb Dhaliwal? Harb was the center youngster among three brothers of his family who aggregately used to run the Brothers Keepers posse. Throughout the course of recent years, shootings in the Lower Mainland have designated Dhaliwal and his criminal brothers, Barinder, the most seasoned, and Meninder, the most youthful.

Before his passing, Harb was shot two times: once in Abbotsford in October 2017 and once in Richmond in December 2018.

The 31-year-old was with his two brothers and a few companions when he was shot on the famous waterfront region. As his brother was dead on the walkway, a crushed Barinder hollered out Harb’s name. It took six cops to limit him.

The Dhaliwal family has a homestead close to the line in Abbotsford, where they were raised. They didn’t necessarily have a place with the BK that upheld the Hells Angels.

Demise In Whistler Village Shooting And Brothers Keepers Gang Member Meninder Dhaliwal and his partner were killed in the latest frequency of a pack battle in Canada between two groups. Police expressed that Satinder Gill was another casualty who lost his life following the firearm brutality in Whistler during open air on Sunday evening.

Meninder Dhaliwal was with Satinder Gill when they were shot external the Sundial Hotel in Whistler, a Canadian town neighboring Vancouver. As indicated by the Canadian Police, Gill was not a gangster.

Dhaliwal died there and afterward, while Gill was articulated dead at the local emergency clinic. On Sunday, the lockdown was forced at the notable Whistler ski resort south of Vancouver, Canada, to stay away from additional dangers after the shooting.

An exceptional examination group, Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT), is working consistently to reveal individuals engaged with the murder. As indicated by IHIT, it is believed that this was a designated shooting associated with the continuous Lower Mainland Gang Conflict.

The Sea-to-Sky Whistler RCMP answered numerous grievances around two men being taken shots at the Sundial Boutique Hotel in Whistler’s 4300-block of Sundial Crescent on July 24 at around early afternoon.

What has been going on with The Dhaliwal Brothers? At the point when Harb was killed in April 2021 external an extravagant Coal Harbor café in Vancouver, Meninder was there with his brothers Barinder and Harb. Meninder pursued the hired gunman for two blocks prior to wounding him in the eye, albeit no charges were at any point brought against him for the assault.

Francois Gauthier, the supposed hired gunman, entered a supplication blameworthy to second-degree murder last month and was allowed a lifelong incarceration without really any opportunity of parole for a very long time. In November 2020, Meninder was purportedly gotten with a firearm near the Hardside Hells Angels section’s clubhouse in Surrey yet was rarely charged.

Viral Video Of Homocide On Twitter Not long after the late morning shooting, grim video of Dhaliwal and Gill laying face down in ridiculous puddles spread on the web. Pictures of a vehicle being come by police near Whistler were likewise flowed.

Specialists are looking for dashcam film and onlookers near the crime location. Any partners of Mr. Gill or Mr. Dhaliwal are mentioned to approach by the specialists to track down the lacking parts of this murder.

At first, the neighborhood RCMP announced that main two people had been confined. In any case, past a couple, the police couldn’t remark on the exact number of captures.

Throughout recent years, the United Nations group and certain Red Scorpions have been participated in a brutal conflict with the Brother’s Keepers. One gathering’s individuals and partners are oftentimes killed, and afterward days or weeks after the fact, somebody will strike back.

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