Who was Luis Martín Sánchez Iñiguez, Mexico’s La Jornada newspaper reporter?

La Jornada columnist Luis Martín Sánchez Íñiguez found dead subsequent to disappearing in Mexico’s Nayarit state
Concerns raised about the security of writers in Mexico as another media specialist is killed
Sánchez Íñiguez’s vanishing adds to the issue of frailty looked by writers in the country

In a sad turn of events, the group of writer Luis Martín Sánchez Íñiguez, 59, a staff columnist for La Jornada in Mexico’s Nayarit state, has been found. He disappeared on July 5.

Mexico’s La Jornada paper originally revealed the story.

His better half documented a conventional protest with the Nayarit Investigator’s Office, detailing that his effects and ID were found at home, however his PC and certifications were absent.

Who was Luis Martín Sánchez Íñiguez?

Luis Martín Sánchez Íñiguez, a journalist for La Jornada in Tepic.

On July 8, Luis Martín Sánchez Íñiguez’s dormant body was found in Huachines, close to the town of El Ahuacate in Tepic. The body gave indications of viciousness and was restricted, covered with sacks, and joined by an upsetting message.

Official reports from the Nayarit Principal legal officer’s Office and General society and Resident Security Secretariat are yet to be delivered, giving further insights concerning the conditions encompassing Luis Martín Sánchez Íñiguez’s demise.

Luis Martín Sánchez Íñiguez’s better half unveiled that the last correspondence with him was on July 5, when he referenced a blackout at home. Upon examination, his PC, a hard drive, a couple of shoes, and his ID as a reporter for La Jornada were absent, while different things were flawless.

Following the vanishing, a unidentified individual endeavored to contact Luis Martín Sánchez Íñiguez’s family members, professing to have significant data about his whereabouts. Be that as it may, because of the failure to arrive at the columnist’s little girl straightforwardly, no insights about his vanishing were uncovered.

The sad passing of Luis Martín Sánchez Íñiguez features the perils looked by writers in Mexico. With examinations progressing, it is pivotal to resolve the issue of brutality against media experts and guarantee their wellbeing as they complete their imperative work.

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