WIPO conducts paid fellowships for researchers, health tech founders

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO’s) Global Health Innovation Fellowship has a fellowship opportunity for young researchers and entrepreneurs, including those who are health tech pioneers, to transform their ideas and innovations where technology, public health, and intellectual property converge.

In a document seen by NewsTimes, participants in this initiative will collaborate with the Department of Biotechnology under the Ministry of Science and Technology as part of the Biodesign Program in India.

Accepted fellows will experience a two-year residency at either the New Delhi or Mumbai campuses of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

What does the fellowship offer?

Spanning a duration of two years, the fellowship program merges technology, public health, and intellectual property, aiming to equip innovators with the skills needed to conceive groundbreaking medical technologies.

Moreover, participants will have the privilege of engaging with a diverse community of young innovators and established experts from around the world, collaborating to address evolving health-related complexities. This engagement will be enriched by their presence in India over two years.

Throughout this period, participants will have the opportunity to establish valuable connections within the Indian Department of Biotechnology, as well as the campuses of IIT Delhi and Bombay. Additionally, interaction with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will further contribute to the development of meaningful networks.

What does the fellowship cover?

The fellowship covers study visa processing fees; fellowship fees; IIT overhead fees; study material costs; accommodation costs (for accommodation provided or recommended by the Department of Biotechnology); living expenses; health insurance; local transportation within India; and international travel (return ticket from home country to IIT Delhi or IIT Bombay).

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the admission requirements for the Biodesign Program within the Department of Biotechnology:

  • Open to international candidates, excluding Indian citizens.
  • Applications from various educational fields, including engineering, science, computer science, product design, business, law, medicine, and nursing, are encouraged.
  • Prior experience in tackling global health challenges, specifically in maternal and child health, non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and FemTech, is a prerequisite.
  • A minimum of two to three years of professional engagement in the health technology sector or related research roles is required.
  • Preference will be granted to individuals with a demonstrated history of innovation, such as patents or licensed technologies/products.
  • Interest in the significance of intellectual property rights (including patents, design rights, trademarks, and copyright) across the health technology value chain, spanning early research to product or service distribution to end users, is important.
  • Possession of strong leadership, problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, and communication skills is imperative.
  • Proficiency in building effective partnerships and maintaining working relationships within a multicultural context, showcasing sensitivity and respect for diversity, is crucial.
  • Proficiency in both written and spoken English is expected.

What is the procedure for applying?

To apply, submit your application here along with the following documents:

Your current CV (limited to 3 pages), showcases your capabilities in leadership, problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, and communication. Highlight your contributions and accomplishments in the health industry, intellectual property filings, and projects that have had significant business impact, if applicable.

A one-page cover letter: Outline your strategies for addressing specific health challenges, with a focus on maternal, neonatal, and child health/survival, as well as the prevention, early detection, and community-oriented treatment of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

The cover letter should emphasize any technological solutions pertinent to women’s health (FemTech).

Illustrate how your experience aligns with the goals of the BioDesign initiative.

Your academic transcript(s)

The deadline for submissions is September 1, 2023, while the expected start date of the fellowship is November 13, 2023.

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